rueth-1348392825_600Welcome to my blog.  Each of us is on our own journey, with our own stories.  I plan to share bits and pieces of my journey, experiences and learning.  I consider this to be a natural health blog that will focus around my areas of interest and areas that need more awareness.  Living in balance, wellness and peace is still a goal for me.

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NATURAL HEALTH has long been an interest:

-  From my first organic gardens to those that I designed and created for my clients around the country to my personal garden today, that I depend on for nutrition, peace of mind, and balance.

-  From my early study of food as medicine, while a caregiver, to developing awareness about the sources and costs of supplying our food to my present concern about the very serious CRISIS of our food supply.

-  From very early gardens, where I just wanted to be surrounded by butterflies and flowers, to creating and promoting wildlife gardens in Harmony with Nature, to my present view:  As well as providing the best source for our nutrition in the midst of an increasingly toxic food supply, our decisions in our gardens may be all that can save many species, plant and animal, both.  Butterflies, bees, and other pollinators are disappearing, endangering our food supply further.  It is up to gardeners to increase their own and others’ awareness and create spaces where these creatures can survive.  

It’s All Connected!

Our decisions about gardening, creating and maintaining our outdoor spaces, and decisions, about how we live our lives, certainly affect our own health, and that of the environment.  As I increase my own awareness, I will continue to share that as much as I can. ———— All of these elements, and more, contribute to Balance for  me – still working on BALANCE for myself, always learning, along the way, walking gently on this earth.

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