Gardening is FUN! – Tree Stump Creations

GARDENING is FUN! Tree Stump Creations  –  by The Discerning Gardener,  Ruth T Hill Time for a light-hearted & FUN post! I could never understand people who considered a tree stump as an eyesore, to be removed  (probably by chemical means).  … Continue reading

Feng Shui for Spring: Your Life, Business, and Garden

by Ruth T Hill,  The Discerning Gardener The free and easy movement of chi (life energy) is essential to good Feng Shui.  Without it, the energy of our home, life, and business is negatively affected, as is our abundance. This … Continue reading

Weeds are flowers, too! Gardening WITH Nature

  by Ruth T Hill,  The Discerning Gardener   With the beginning of spring, too many people head for the local “garden” department and grab some chemicals, to arm themselves for their battle against nature.  Long before the start of … Continue reading