How to Treat Autoimmune Disease Naturally

“Autoimmune diseases… now affect 24 million people…They are often addressed by powerful immune suppressing medication and not by addressing the cause. That’s like taking a lot of aspirin while you are standing on a tack.” How to Treat Autoimmune Disease … Continue reading

Dr Oz is Attacked Again, for his Stance on GMO Labeling

“Oz, who sees his show as a forum for discussing a range of health practices to better inform his audience, wondered aloud what accounted for the timing of last month’s brazen letter from 10 mysterious doctors. Dr. Oz’s conclusion: His … Continue reading

FOOD AWAKENING: Food Allergies & Additives Promote Return of HEALTHY FOOD

For those who missed the Food Revolution Summit last week, I offer this post on the “food awakening”: food allergies & the state of our food, based on one of the most important speakers & topics of the summit.  Robyn … Continue reading

FOOD CRISIS in America Before and Since Monsanto

The recent defeat of GMO labeling in Colorado & Oregon has certainly confirmed the current FOOD CRISIS in America and how it began.  Monsanto and a list of other “all-American” companies (that also had too much to lose to labeling) … Continue reading

DANDELIONS for HEALTH and Good Eating

by Ruth T Hill, The Discerning Gardener   Cheerful, golden yellow dandelion flowers bloom profusely in the late spring, continuing to early fall, attracting bees to their sweet-scented nectar.  Fields of dandelion flowers seem to bring back early memories to … Continue reading