Climate Change is Hitting Home


“The idea of your nice little green grass getting lots of water every day, that’s going to be a thing of the past,” Governor Brown said when announcing the new restrictions.

CLIMATE CHANGE is Hitting Home

Drought Means High Grocery Prices For All & Water Restrictions For California

gardens-bto-nunnery-garden-mike-toms-300x200We all are experiencing rising grocery costs, especially for produce. The main reason for this expense is California’s unprecedented drought.  Much of the food supply for the rest of the country is grown, produced in California.


It is amazing during this time of drought, when there is not enough water for growing food, that people would still be concerned about keeping their “little patch of green” (lawn) still green.  Americans are obsessed with lawn, & waste endless effort & resources to keep an unsuitable type of grass alive & green, in a totally incompatible climate.

For example, when I first drove into Northern Colorado, a semi-arid area, I was appalled at the huge sprays of water everywhere during the heat of the day, during a drought, no less. The huge expanses of green lawn just did not belong there, as they guzzled tremendous amounts of water. The extensive runoff of water with chemicals was equally shocking.  At the time, HOAs required 60% lawn, so builders & home owners planted Kentucky Bluegrass, for it’s soft, green lush qualities.  The desired look was very difficult to achieve in a semi-arid climate, without excessive water.

Governor Brown puts restrictions on water use for Californians:

Jerry Brown: California Drought Shows ‘Climate Change Is Not a Hoax’ in NEWSMAX

The debate has not yet dried up, even if California has.

Two months after members of the U.S. Senate took jabs at one another on the subject of whether man made global warming was actually occurring, California Governor Jerry Brown said that the unprecedented drought and newly enacted water restrictions in his state show that “climate change is not a hoax.”

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Climate Change is NOT a hoax: We can learn from the state of California.

We can limit the using of our resources unnecessarily.  If one must have lawn, there are native grasses, that do not require constant maintenance & watering, as do the grasses most prefer. An even better, positive start is to eliminate or reduce lawn area, which is one of the biggest water guzzlers & polluters in this country. Putting some of that area to better use, like growing some of our own food, would be an even more positive step.

I, personally, suggest starting with strawberries, a few herbs, at least one cherry tomato plant, & getting a couple of fruit trees or shrubs started. – More:

lawn gone

For help getting started, in making this transition, here is an excellent resource:




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