Dr Oz is Attacked Again, for his Stance on GMO Labeling

“Oz, who sees his show as a forum for discussing a range of health practices to better inform his audience, wondered aloud what accounted for the timing of last month’s brazen letter from 10 mysterious doctors.
Dr. Oz’s conclusion: His own continuing opposition to GMO food labeling.”

Dr Oz is Attacked Again, for his Stance on GMO Labeling

The Attacks Continue by Big Pharma and Monsanto


This year, it appears that Dr Oz is being attacked for his support of GMO labeling, or the right of the people to know what’s in their food. — Just last year, Dr Oz was attacked by Senator McCaskill, who had received over $146,000 in campaign contributions from Big Pharma & Monsanto.  She failed to reveal serious conflicts of interest in her questioning of Doctor Oz, in her attempt to reduce competition for her largest campaign contributors. 

From Natural News: “McCaskill’s attack was designed to intimidate Doctor Oz into halting his recommendations of natural products, thereby strengthening the near-monopoly of drug manufacturers and their lucrative retailing partners.”
It is clear that any simple, common sense solutions to health problems, including vitamins & herbal supplements, as Dr Oz discusses, can cost those who sell prescription drugs a great deal of money.  Although I do believe that Dr Oz, as many others, did get carried away with some of the weight loss products, he did and continues to educate a huge number of people about taking care of their health, in a way that’s easy to understand and entertaining.
This attack was never about green coffee bean extracts or the other products brought to public attention on the show.  It was about protecting corporate interests at all costs, as is so often the case in Washington.  Dr Oz was being attacked indirectly by Big Pharma through “paid off Senators”. The attacks did not end there.
FNSGlutenOz sees his show as a forum for discussing a range of health practices to better inform his audience.

The latest attack started last year when Dr Oz began to educate people about GMOs & speak in favor of the labeling.  He must have expected there would be consequences, as Monsanto has a department, of who knows how many employees, whose only job is to defeat labeling, anywhere & in anyway.  Oz believes people have the right to know what’s in their food.  The other side says GMOs are safe & labeling them would increase prices, along with many other arguments.

Now, Dr Oz was attacked by what he calls ” a brazen letter from 25 mysterious doctors”, sent to Columbia University, where Dr oz serves as vice chairman of the surgery department and performs heart surgery.

Dr. Oz Says Critics Want to Silence Him on GMO Food Labeling in Newsmax


Dr Oz devoted half of a show recently to make clear his…

“…continuing opposition to any legislation that would strip government agencies of their ability to label genetically modified foods in the marketplace.

Oz reiterated his conviction that consumers have the right to know whether food at their stores originates from genetically modified organisms. Those on the other side of the issue include food producers and agricultural companies who say GMOs are safe and that labeling them would increase prices while unnecessarily frightening consumers.”

Read more of this article at Newsmax

Read more about Senator McCaskill’s attack on Dr Oz last year, in Natural News here:  http://www.naturalnews.com/045619_Senator_McCaskill_campaign_contributions_pharma_money.html

Dr Oz continues to educate 2 million viewers about health issues.

Monsanto has too often been successful in defeating GMO labeling, by convincing people that they do not need to know what’s in their food. This happened in my state of Colorado, last year.  I am sure that Monsanto will attempt, by other means, to discredit Dr Oz, in order to lessen his influence with the public.  I’m voting for Dr Oz.




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