Feng Shui for Spring: Your Life, Business, and Garden

feng-shui-347x270 by Ruth T Hill,  The Discerning Gardener

The free and easy movement of chi (life energy) is essential to good Feng Shui.  Without it, the energy of our home, life, and business is negatively affected, as is our abundance. This time of year, Feng Shui for Spring is an opportunity to improve the energy in all of these areas.

Recently, there was a special presentation at Saturday’s Contact List Builder training about Feng Shui Your Life by  Tina O’Conner, author/publisher. 


At a time when many of us think about the new beginnings of spring, and perhaps some spring cleaning, this offers a different approach.  Here we’re just getting you started:  I summarize Tina’s talk, Feng Shui Your Life, as well as discuss how I applied this ancient Chinese philosophy to the gardens of my garden/landscape design business.


The idea is to let positive life-flowing energy come into our homes, work spaces, and life and to stay.  Everything has energy.  We want a smooth, easy flow of energy, to flow and to benefit us, and we want to make everything in our surroundings feel good, and create balance and abundance.  We want this positive energy to flow around, not rush through, and not be blocked by sharp corners, and other negative features.

bagua_full-versionThe Bagua as a design tool enables you to reflect in your home (or garden) what you want in your life.  Working with the energies it identifies in each area helps you to create your desired life.  It is positioned with the entrance/front door, so that the door opens into one of these areas: and Wisdom and Knowledge, Career, or Helpful People.


Clutter is never conducive to a good flow of energy – Prioritize your clutter clearing, by area, based on your Bagua mapping and needs:


— If you have health issues, focus on the health area. 

— If you have money issues, focus on the wealth area

— If you’re scattered at work, start with de-cluttering  your work space and arranging it according to Feng Shui principles. 

Pull everything out of your closets and spaces and sort into these piles:  Keep it!  Trash it!  Donate it! Return it! or Sell it! 

Follow the “everything has a place rule”, as it will take away the stress of finding things.  It will also save a good deal of time, no doubt.  Break your emotional ties with “things”.  Do not hold yourself hostage with your emotions.  DO keep things you really like, want, or use.  It is a continuous process.  Feel the FREEDOM of going simple!

The purpose of this spring cleaning is efficiency and a relaxed, calm space, a space where positive life-flowing energy will come in and stay.

The front door is particularly important as the Mouth of Chi, where all energy flows in.  This area should be clutter-free, with no blockages.  Plants and flowers create good energy (no dried/dead ones).  A red door is wealth and prosperity generating.  Do add elements of red to this area.  Create a clear entry or foyer, where energy can flow in smoothly. 

There are elements and guides for each area of the home or Bagua.  In general:

— keep spaces clutter free;

— add plants to suck away negative and encourage positive energy;

— leave kitchen in “ready position” at all times;

— use rounded edges to encourage flow; 

— the dining room should be calm and set for company every day; 

— the bedroom (always the relationship area) should be completely tranquil, an escape from every other space, with plants to clear the air as you sleep;  neutral colors with accents of reds and pinks;  bed in the power position. 

Perhaps the most important area for those of us who work at home, and one where we most want to encourage abundance, is the work are or office.  The desk should be in the power position, looking toward the door, not away from it.  Only have on your desk what you are working on right now:  Avoid cluttering your desk and work space.  The desk, itself, can also be arranged according to the Bagua.  Typically, there’s a lot of electronics in an office, so use plenty of plants to suck out the electric energy.   Use a water feature and black at the front door for career flourishing. 


free_garden_design_plans_pic_4The GARDEN:  The flow of energy in the home must start with the garden or approach to the door of the home.  Originally, Feng Shui was concerned with living in harmony with the tangible and intangible forces of nature.It is about living in harmony with your own environment, rather than trying to emulate surroundings that constitute “good” Feng Shui elsewhere.

Although the Bagua can be applied to the arrangement of the garden, I did not apply it, consciously to my gardens – my focus was on energy.

Nothing raises the chie3871f8df19db01760155aaa9016e540 (life energy) in your garden like the energy created by living animals.  Attracting/inviting living energy into your garden is very Feng Shui.  My own gardens were, in good part, about attracting birds, butterflies, and other wildlife – in harmony with nature.  By planting the plants needed by wildlife, you invite good, living energy into your garden, along with the wildlife.


The free and easy movement of chi through the garden is essential to good Feng Shui.  Without it, your garden doesn’t produce as abundantly, and your own energy is negatively affected.  Chi, the universal energy that permeates everything, including inside our bodies, inside and outside of buildings.  Observation, studying, connecting to your own space is exactly how Feng Shui was developed.  Becoming more sensitive to the energies around us  allows us to better position Feng Shui to harness these energies for our benefit. 


Achieving a Balance, including with the 5 elements , wood, fire, earth. metal, and water is important for the energy.   Every element is important – the Chi will flow where they interact in a natural & harmonious way.
The free and easy movement of chi (life energy) through the garden is essential to good Feng Shui. Without it, your garden doesn’t produce as abundantly, and your own energy is negatively affected.  Chi, the universal energy that permeates everything, including inside our bodies, inside and outside of buildings.


Every element is important – The Chi will flow where elements interact in a natural & harmonious way.  The free and easy movement of chi (life energy) through the garden is essential to good Feng Shui. Without it, your garden doesn’t produce as abundantly, and your own energy is negatively affected.  Chi, the universal energy that permeates everything, including inside our bodies, inside and outside of buildings.


Feng Shui gardens address the 5 senses, like the smell of a blossom, taste of fruit, the rippling of water or birdsong, the wonder of a single flower, the tactile sense with smooth pebbles & textured rocks of character.


Plants grow best where chi accumulates.  In nature, this is where two natural feature meet, like at the edge of a pond, where earth meets water or at the edge of a border.  I’ve always been partial to the edge of woodlands, where understory trees provide shade for smaller plants and wildflowers.


Be aware of where you put structures, as man made structures deflect the chi from it’s natural path, forcing it to move unnaturally.  Be conscious of how a structure will affect the flow.  It’s better to have a permeable fence or flowering hedge.  Trees & large shrubs with dense foliage can deflect chi, those w/ a more open habit allow the chi to enter.


Chi naturally moves in a meandering fashion, not in a straight line, so design your spaces accordingly.

Water is a cure-all for all chi problems.  Adding a water feature, especially one with running water, raises the chi in your garden.  Running water symbolizes wealth and abundance flowing toward you.  It also makes a pleasant, soothing sound that can enhance the chi in your environment. 

Other chi raisers include fragrances & scents.  They keep chi moving in garden – place them where you’re able to smell them.  Citrus, orange, basil, cardamon, jasmine are invigorating, while

lavender, rosemary , marjoram, pine are relaxing.

If working with the Bagua:  It can be adjusted in shape to fit  any particular garden, also positioned from the entrance.  The wealth area is ideal for compost heap (if health is poor, money is meaningless), richness in the soil and in us.  The color associated with this area is blue or purple, and element is wood. 


Feng Shui for Spring: This spring, try making a few changes according to Feng Shui principles and see the changes in your life, energy, and abundance.  And then, make some more changes, until it comes naturally. 


For more information and guidance on Feng Shui, check out any of these resources:


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For more information on gardening in harmony with nature, see my Pinterest board:   Harmony with Nature


















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