Food Crisis for the Monarchs!


Center for Food Safety sharply criticized Monsanto’s announcement that it is giving $4 million toward monarch population restoration.

Food Crisis for the Monarchs!

Roundup Has Almost Eradicated the Monarch’s Sole Food Source

We’ve all witnessed the decline of Monarch butterflies.  (In fact, I only saw one last summer.) – I agree with the Center for Food Safety, that Monsanto’s attempt at influencing the public in their favor offers too little, too late, & means very little. Apparently Monsanto’s PR team thinks that throwing a “pittance” of funds to the Monarchs, while continuing to use the crops & chemicals that have caused the Monarch’s looming demise, will suffice.  In fact, they are planning to add even more GE crops & more chemicals.

Listing monarch butterflies as a threatened species is essential to their survival,” says Andrew Kimbrell, executive director of the Center for Food Safety. “An iconic species is on the verge of extinction thanks to genetically engineered, herbicide-resistant crop systems like Roundup Ready…”

Center for Food Safety Condemns Monsanto’s Monarch Recovery Pledge as Greenwashing

As documented in Center for Food Safety’s recent report, “Monarchs in Peril,” the butterfly’s dramatic decline is being driven in large part by the widespread planting of genetically engineered crops in the Midwest, where most monarchs are born. The vast majority of genetically engineered crops are made to be resistant to Monsanto’s glyphosate-based Roundup herbicide, a potent killer of milkweed, the monarch caterpillar’s only food source. The dramatic surge in Roundup use with Roundup Ready crops has virtually wiped out milkweed plants in Midwestern corn and soybean fields. In the past 20 years it is estimated that these once-common iconic orange and black butterflies may have lost more than 165 million acres of habitat — an area about the size of Texas — including nearly a third of their summer breeding grounds.

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Monarchs being listened as a threatened species & Monsanto’s reduction: BOTH are needed for survival.

We must all do what we can to help save the Monarchs.  Plant milkweed, wherever you can. Here is a source for seeds:

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