The food supply is in crisis, especially in the U.S.

henry kissingerThere is currently a corporation that controls most of the seed companies; that has patents on most of the food crops grown in this country; that makes those genetically engineered seed crops increasingly dependent on its chemicals, pesticides & herbicides; that sues farmers whose fields are contaminated with this corps’ toxic GE seeds; that has managed to include at least one ingredient, that contains its GE crops, in almost every food on our grocery shelves; that spends many millions, in state by state, to convince voters that they do not need or want to know what is in their food.  There is plenty of evidence of the damage that GMOs do the health of animals, therefore the people who eat those animals or drink their milk, and to the people who eat the crops themselves.  The toxic ingredients are hidden under ever changing names, so it is very difficult to avoid those ingredients, which increasingly affect our health.  Certain health conditions, and food allergies, once rare, are becoming more common. —- Our food supply is controlled by corporate greed, hence the FOOD CRISIS.

gmo deceptiontoxic tableseeds of deception

The best things to do are to educate oneself, eat organic whenever possible, & avoid processed food:

nonGMO cookbookHere in the United States, unlabeled GMOs (genetically modified organisms) contaminate as much as 80% of the packaged food supply. These organisms have never undergone long-term human safety tests, & are labeled or banned in more than sixty countries around the world. “The Non-GMO Cookbook” is an invaluable resource for the growing number of Americans who are looking to opt out of the GMO experiment.

From classic favorites to bold innovations, you’ll find simple recipes for every meal and occasion. Complete with tips for non-GMO shopping, & featuring lots of gluten-free, dairy-free, & allergy-friendly selections, The Non-GMO Cookbook is your complete guide to safe, healthy, non-GMO living.

gmo freeNourish your body with healthy foods, using this G.M.O. Free Diet.  The action steps in this book will teach you how to eliminate GMO foods from your diet and uncover the many sources of genetically modified foods, some of which may surprise you. Whatever your diet, meat eater or vegan, raw food or paleo, or any of the thousands of diets that exist, this book will ensure the foods you consume are healthy, full of nutrition, and do not contain genetically modified organisms. 

food addsFOOD ADDITIVES: A Shopper’s Guide To What’s Safe & What’s Not reveals what food manufacturers don’t want you to know about their products.

It shows you how to find the truth behind deceptive food packaging. You will learn how to confidently read labels so that you will know how healthy a food really is and if it contains dangerous ingredients.








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