My Kind of Nutrition

MY  KIND of food and nutrition:  It’s difficult to find healthy foods & ingredients for our dishes.  With the lack of labeling & label confusion, it’s difficult to eat consciously in a healthy way.  I’ve put together some help for the holidays and beyond.

I’ve used most of these food products, some I expect to soon.  They are organic as much as possible and non-GMO!   Many items are healthy ingredients that we need for our holiday feasts, and beyond.

SCROLL DOWN for the food, spice, beverage you’re looking for – It’s all good.  (Juices & Teas are at the end.)


sweet potato                                                                                                                chile powder     saffron         anise           pistachio       pink pepper       coconut oil   chia        hot pepper jelly



       Quinoa flour —————–Premium psyllium husks:

quinoapsillium                                               kelp    turm and cur



purple carrot juice         black cherry                    tart cherry

GINGER:  Ginger chews are made from pieces of real ginger root, natural active ingredients.  Gingerols, the most abundant essential oil in fresh ginger, have antioxidant & anti-inflammatory abilities.  It is also said to aid in digestion.  Ginger is best known for its ability to relieve nausea. 

ginger peanut        orange ginger         ginger med


ORGANIC TEAS:  These sets/collections of teas make great gifts.  Also, they’re a great way for you to sample different types & flavors.

Also, teas for nutrition & healingDandelions are the most nutritious plants that exists.  When the fresh leaves are not available, I drink this dandelion tea daily, sometimes with ginger.  Read more here:


Milk thistle is reported to have protective effects on the liver and to greatly improve its function.  There is a ginger tea with Chamomile here, which would be relaxing before bedtime.


Numi         tea gift       Numi set2           loose tea samp

Numi jasmine         Numi mint         ginger w cham

mulberry tea               jasmine        ginger tea         gas tea dand root tea   milk thistle tea         Trad Med seas samp

green tea powder    turm tea     turm tea2turm tea4      turm tea5     turm tea6


more TURMERIC, Ginger….:


For more healthy nutrition ideas see my Pinterest board:

And see these boards for ideas on growing your own food:









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