Thyme Tea Helps Ease Symptoms of AutoImmune Diseases


Used since ancient times for medicinal purposes, as well as seasoning foods, THYME has been shown in recent studies to be beneficial for people with some major auto immune diseases.


Thyme has powerful antimicrobial properties that fight off bacteria and infections that can cause or worsen fibromyalgia

Hashimoto’s Disease

causes the immune system to attack the thyroid.  It is believed that this   happens when a virus or bacteria triggers the immune system to produce antibodies that attack the thyroid. The antimicrobial properties of thyme tea helps the immune system to fight off bad bacteria instead of attacking the thyroid.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

is an inflammatory condition in which the immune system attacks the tissues of the joints, skin, eyes, heart, and blood vessels.  Carcacrol, a natural anti inflammatory compound in thyme can suppress the damage caused by inflammation.


is also an anti-inflammatory disease.  The antibacterial effects of thyme prevent the infections that often make lupus symptoms worse, possibly avoiding attacks.  Plus, the anti-inflammatory carvacrol in thyme may lessen some of the inflammation that does damage.


is a disease of the central nervous system that results in the immune system attacking the protective coating around nerve fibers, so that the nerves can no longer pass messages effectively.  Thyme allows better absorption of omega-3 fatty acids, which are very useful for reducing the symptoms of multiple sclerosis.



- The powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory compounds in thyme make thyme tea very helpful in the fight against autoimmune conditions, these and more.

- Thyme tea is also great for congestion, a natural cough remedy, and used as a detox tea.

- Thyme is easy to grow in the garden.

- Thyme tea is easy to make:

Add a small handful of fresh thyme leaves or a tablespoon of dried thyme to a bowl. Pour boiled water over the leaves and let it steep for five minutes. Strain the tea into a mug.  Add a teaspoon of honey, if you like.

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