Food Ingredient Labels are SCARY!!! Candy, TOO!

In choosing our food “look for ingredients we know, recognize, can situate in some part of the plant or animal kingdom, and can pronounce.” David Katz, M.D., director of the Yale Prevention Research Center

Food Ingredient Labels are SCARY!

Candy Labels are even SCARIER! What are you handing out?

candycornFood ingredient labels are scary and at this time of year, when candy plays a major role, they can get even scarier.

If you’re a label reader at the grocery stores, perhaps you’ve noticed that the lists of ingredients get longer & scarier all the time. Many of the ingredients cannot be identified by most people, or even pronounced. Why does our food need so many ingredients with chemical names?
The truth is, it doesn’t. It’s not REAL food. Food can be produced with just the simple, basic, natural ingredients, without the harmful additives. Brands, like Simple Truth, have proven how food can be made simply, with basic ingredients, & taste great, feel good to eat, and be very affordable, in some cases, even lower in price than conventional products, and still be profitable.
food labelIngredients that contain genetically modified crops are contained in almost every conventional food on the grocery shelves, but, of equal concern are the many additives that are in our food for no good reason. What are they & why are they in our food? There are many stories about how a chemical was no longer needed for the purpose it was created or being used. Rather than being disposed of, a new need had to be created in order to continue selling it. The new “needs” were often our foods. Notice how after the war (WW11), when there were many substances no longer needed, that’s when the supply of processed, prepared foods really boomed. Many of the ingredients that we might know we need to avoid, may appear on the lists disguised by many different names.

candy corn3These extensive ingredient lists extend to candy wrappers, perhaps even more so. When most of us hand out candy to neighborhood kids at Halloween, we’re handing out some very scary stuff with scary ingredient lists. One of the top seven candies listed in the following includes a type of butane in its ingredients. This article, might help you to be more aware of this & to make more healthy decisions:

7 Halloween Candies With Scary-Long Ingredient Lists in The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post

“Another good idea is to stick to foods with five or fewer ingredients; foods with paragraph-long ingredients lists are often full of preservatives, sugars and other additives.

When it comes to Halloween candies, we didn’t find any that would pass the five-or-fewer test. And to make matters worse, a number of the top five ingredients in the most popular treats are sugar — by one of its many other names.

We tallied up the ingredients in 15 classic candies, including runners up like candy corn with 14 ingredients and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups with 13. With more than 15 ingredients, here are the worst offenders.”

Read More At: —–

Make Smart, Informed Choices.

Honestly, there’s not any Halloween candy that’s good for us, but, we know we will probably nibble on a few pieces this season.  (My personal irresistible favorite is Reese’s cups.)  It is possible to make smart, informed choices as we dip into the seasons treats, and our food, in general.  It’s always best to eat simply, naturally, & organically, whenever possible. It’s a daunting task, looking up all of the ingredients on the food packages, but doing some research will help you decide what you’re willing to put in your body & not.


Along with extensive reading, these books helped me to make better, often surprising, decisions in the grocery stores:

Food Additives          AtoZfood add   More….





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