Bird Feeding & Watching have been life long pursuits for me – I enjoy looking up & learning about any new bird that visits my feeders.  Here, I’m sharing resources with you to learn  about birds, their needs in the environment, gardening for them, plus supplies for bird feeding. 

Cardinals were always my favorites at  my feeders.  Now, however, I live in Colorado, where cardinals do not live, so I only see cardinals on Pinterest.  Here are 2 cardinal feeders: The first accommodates both clinging & perching birds at the same time

The second is a versatile platform feeder that can be hung or pole mounted, & the 15′ dome can be lowered to exclude large birds & protect the seed from the weather. 

The third is a red metal ball that holds 6 cups of black oil seed, for all clinging birds.  Get several to decorate your outdoor tree.

cardinal feeder          card feed2         round feeder


Hummingbirds are very plentiful in Arizona & quite enjoyable to watch, so many residents feed them.  My brother has one resident AZ hummingbird, Hagar, who  monopolized the feeder, not letting any of the others birds  have a turn.  So I gave him one of these flat disc-like feeders (which allows better visibility), so the others would have a chance.  Now, Hagar has to work a lot harder, trying to monopolize both feeders.  The others can occasionally sneak in for a sip of “nectar”.

The next attractive feeder is faceted glass with a copper base, easy to fill & clean.  It includes a nectar recipe.

The third “vintage” hummingbird feeder is meant to last & easy to clean – the glass in the dishwasher, the rest by hand.

hum feeder1hum feeder2hum feeder3

atract but & birds          hum birdattracting hummingbirdshum2

bird gardens    nat geo birds

nat field         nat geo comp           nat wild birds        peterson       peterson west


Some ideas for making your own birdhouses & other bird projects:

bh nat           bhinday          projects for birders

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