Gardening is FUN! – Tree Stump Creations


Tree Stump Creations  –  by The Discerning Gardener,  Ruth T Hill

Time for a light-hearted & FUN post!18eb8d42c77938d53c36ad32984593ac

I could never understand people who considered a tree stump as an eyesore, to be removed  (probably by chemical means). 

There are so many possibilities or things to do with a stump. 

It can be turned into a focal point:  a planter OR a creative, imaginative piece of art.

I’ve been collecting images – I’d like to share them, now, with the readers of my blog,as a point of inspiration for your future creations.

Enjoy!  Gardening is FUN!

(Note: Links to images are preserved)

Winterthur’s Enchanted Woods, Delaware

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Whimsical Raindrop Cottage        A Bit of Whimsy

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Fairie Dwellings                             Ugly to Awesome

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Daily Delight

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529cdf06ab5c5e71bfe56fc98d870b3dGreat idea for a garden game board!







Rotting Tree Stumps make attractive, natural planters. 

Why would you want to leave it as an “eyesore”? 

Turn your tree stump into a planter, instead:

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6b92051d914a270e625e06d5fce9e7feThe transition from tree stump/eyesore to a decorative garden element begins with creating a setting for it:

If the trunk sits alone in your lawn, then create or enlarge a garden bed around it,so that there can be plantings at ground level, as well as flowing down from the stump. 

The stump may become a base for a small bed, with flowers or green textures.

048d57b660b3669bd429bb4f0345adc6Stumps rot in the center first. 

Chip away at the center of the stump with the pointed end of a mattock (wearing safety glasses).  Switch to the wider end as the hole gets larger. 

Leave at least a 3 inch border.  With 1/2″ inch bit,drill holes into the side of the stump, so that they slope downward for drainage.  Add some free-draining material, such as pea gravel.

ab679d64f00c766a6343cf30ea4fa099 <This is what is most often done

with tree stumps, that are considered


Why would you want to do this? 

The stump is a creative opportunity!



I’d love to see any tree stump creations that you’ve done,

seen, or that might be inspired by the images here. 


Ruth T Hill,  The Discerning Gardener

Skype: ruth.t.hill 




Garden FUN Continued:  Look for posts of my next series: 

Gardening For & With Kids”










Gardening is FUN! – Tree Stump Creations — 2 Comments

  1. Shelley, I’d love to see a photo of your creation when it’s ready.

  2. I love garden fairies. this is great idea 4 that dead tree in my yard. it will be an ad on my fairy world.

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