“Mini” Solos – A More Affordable Option to BUILD YOUR LIST FAST

money flowerA More Affordable Option to Build Your List Fast:  I was asked by a fellow Contact List Builder member to write a blog post about suggestions for purchasing Solo ads at Safe-Swaps, for the purpose of list building.  This is absolutely the fastest way to build your list.  Buying a solo from a seller means that the seller will send out your email or “swipe’  to their personal email list.  Many of these lists are quite responsive to internet marketing offers, and a good number of the people receiving these emails will opt in to your list.


You, the buyer, must write a “swipe”, which is an email for the seller to send to his or her personal list.  This swipe includes a link to your lead capture page.  CLB’s Ready, Set, Go Marketing System training shows you some samples of these emails.Then you must search for a Solo seller who has a very good rating.  Note: Everybody involved in each transaction rates their “partner” in their role.  You can decide if you want to buy from somebody who has made a lot of solo sales with  lots of good ratings or from somebody who is just starting out, but does have top ratings for the few they have done.  You can also make a choice based on what percentage of the seller’s list is from the US, Canada, UK and other top tier countries. 


After you have written a swipe and selected a seller, you must submit the swipe to the seller for approval.  You must have funds in your account, before you can submit.  You can select the day and time for your email to start going out, and the seller makes his best effort keep to that schedule. The seller has 72 hours to accept or reject your swipe without affecting his rating.  If your swipe is rejected, it might just be because the seller thought that it didn’t fit his particular list, or that he was already scheduled for that particular time. 


Typically, one buys 100 emails for about $30.00, although it could be less, or more likely more. Sellers sometimes send emails and/or messages in Safe-Swaps to starting-out or active buyers.  They might offer special deals, such as sending out fewer mailings, possibly 50 for $15.00.  I have even seen offers of 30 for $9.00.  I have been doing this with mostly good results, calling them my “Mini Solos”.  It is a great way to build your list, for people on a limited budget, who are more comfortable buying a mailing for $15 a time, rather than $30.00.  It is also a good way to try out a new seller. 


More sellers than you would think do offer Solos for lower numbers of mailings.  We you click “buy”, you have the opportunity to select the number of mailings.  Usually, the setting starts out at 100, with scroll down options for higher amounts.  This is where you would see if a seller does offer mailings for less than 100, and the price would adjust accordingly.  The “Mini Solo” option might allow you to purchase Solo mailings more often, as it has for me. 


You can check out Safe-Swaps here and send an ad for free:    http://discount.safe-swaps.com/tu31j/





“Mini” Solos – A More Affordable Option to BUILD YOUR LIST FAST — 3 Comments

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  2. Hi Ruth. I like your post on safe-swaps. I also find it a good way to get a real list started. Thank for sharing your post with us. Nice post. Bonnie Parada

  3. Hi Ruth. I love your post on safe-swaps. I also appreciate you mentioning the fact that you can find sellers that will allow you to purchase what you call Mini Solos. I have had good luck with those.
    Thanks for sharing this with all of us Ruth. Great Post. Bonnie

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