Online Marketing 101- Build Your List

money plant  I’m sure others will be able to relate to parts of my personal online marketing story. I have been fortunate to have been able to return to school several times in several different fields. My most recent round of education has been in internet marketing. Although not a formal education, I have spent a good bit of money for programs that did not work for me. They didn’t work because I couldn’t figure out what people were doing in the “demonstrations”, or something was left out, or because it was “assumed” that everybody knows how to do a particular, usually crucial, step, or because it was just incomplete or misleading. Nothing was thorough enough for me, so, I never got very far, but “That was the cost of my education.”

Let me explain, that I have more of an aesthetic, conceptual mind, not technical, AT ALL, so this has been a struggle for me. It was even more of a struggle than learning computer graphics and computer art. With online marketing, of course, there is the addition of the Internet, which can be a very confusing place. Figuring out anything on the Internet was a challenge for me and took far longer than it did for most.

I must say, that it wasn’t until I “discovered” The Contact List Builder, with it’s step-by-step program, the patience of its founder, Janet Legere, and the support of the CLB Skype groups, that I was finally able to “get it”, start to make the system work, and see my way to getting my own sites and business working online. This can all be done while continuing to promote my CLB lead capture pages, building my list, and getting others to follow the system, build their lists, and have their own success stories. While participating in CLB is free, upgrading gives members even more support and the opportunity to earn more when they sign up new members.

Many of us have been told by Janet, “You’re making this much too hard.” Yes, I was guilty. One just has to follow the steps, one by one, that are laid out in The Ready, Set, Go Marketing System of The Contact List Builder and it becomes easy. CLB is a mentoring and training program that I highly recommend for the beginner and those who are lost, as I was. There is growing Skype group support with an experienced hands-on mentor and other knowledgeable leaders, as well as many members helping each other. A support system like this is truly needed by marketers, who usually work alone.

Now, I can help others builds their lists and online businesses.  If you’d like to learn more, click here.



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