Climate Change is Hitting Home


“The idea of your nice little green grass getting lots of water every day, that’s going to be a thing of the past,” Governor Brown said when announcing the new restrictions.

CLIMATE CHANGE is Hitting Home

Drought Means High Grocery Prices For All & Water Restrictions For California

gardens-bto-nunnery-garden-mike-toms-300x200We all are experiencing rising grocery costs, especially for produce. The main reason for this expense is California’s unprecedented drought.  Much of the food supply for the rest of the country is grown, produced in California.


It is amazing during this time of drought, when there is not enough water for growing food, that people would still be concerned about keeping their “little patch of green” (lawn) still green.  Americans are obsessed with lawn, & waste endless effort & resources to keep an unsuitable type of grass alive & green, in a totally incompatible climate. Continue reading

FOOD CRISIS in America Before and Since Monsanto

food crisis

The recent defeat of GMO labeling in Colorado & Oregon has certainly confirmed the current FOOD CRISIS in America and how it began.  Monsanto and a list of other “all-American” companies (that also had too much to lose to labeling) spent $17 in Colorado and over $20 million in Oregon to defeat GMO labeling.  They presented a masterful campaign in order to convince the voters that they did not want or need to know, or even have the right to know, what’s in their food.  Their misleading, dishonest, and incorrect messages were everywhere.  The campaign for labeling couldn’t possibly compete with the financial resources of the anti-labeling forces. Continue reading

GMO Labeling in Colorado and Oregon is up for vote this week

GMO labeling is up for vote here in Colorado this week, as well as in Oregon —

This is a critical time for our food supply, therefore our health. 

Do we have a right to know what’s in our food? — OF COURSE WE DO!  Continue reading

Gardening is FUN! – Tree Stump Creations


Tree Stump Creations  –  by The Discerning Gardener,  Ruth T Hill

Time for a light-hearted & FUN post!18eb8d42c77938d53c36ad32984593ac

I could never understand people who considered a tree stump as an eyesore, to be removed  (probably by chemical means). 

There are so many possibilities or things to do with a stump. 

It can be turned into a focal point:  a planter OR a creative, imaginative piece of art.

I’ve been collecting images – I’d like to share them, now, with the readers of my blog,as a point of inspiration for your future creations.

Enjoy!  Gardening is FUN!

(Note: Links to images are preserved)

Winterthur’s Enchanted Woods, Delaware Continue reading

Feng Shui for Spring: Your Life, Business, and Garden

feng-shui-347x270 by Ruth T Hill,  The Discerning Gardener

The free and easy movement of chi (life energy) is essential to good Feng Shui.  Without it, the energy of our home, life, and business is negatively affected, as is our abundance. This time of year, Feng Shui for Spring is an opportunity to improve the energy in all of these areas.
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DANDELIONS for HEALTH and Good Eating

The medicinal and culinary value of dandelions

The dandelion, Taraxaum officinale, has long been appreciated for it’s medicinal properties, as one of the best healing foods and its high nutritional value (higher than even kale).

by Ruth T Hill, The Discerning Gardener


Cheerful, golden yellow dandelion flowers bloom profusely in the late spring, continuing to early fall, attracting bees to their sweet-scented nectar.  Fields of dandelion flowers seem to bring back early memories to many people.  Personally, I enjoy the yellow field of spring, like the one that I’m expecting very soon in my own garden.  Since I will soon have a plentiful organic crop of dandelions, I have been searching for different ways to prepare them for eating. 


I knew that dandelions were good for us, for the liver especially, and for detoxifying. In my search for ideas on using them in food, I’ve discovered just how good they can be for our health.  They are actually, one of the best healing foods, and have long been revered as a curative remedy.
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Weeds are flowers, too! Gardening WITH Nature


  by Ruth T Hill,  The Discerning Gardener


With the beginning of spring, too many people head for the local “garden” department and grab some chemicals, to arm themselves for their battle against nature.  Long before the start of spring, these stores get well stocked with row after row of chemicals, making the air in the store quite lethal.  It’s unlikely that these people know what they will be killing.  How many people actually have the knowledge to decide what gets to live and what doesn’t?  Perhaps the first question should be:  What is it? and why is it there?, instead of how: to get rid of it?
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Every Garden Should Have A Cherry Tomato Plant!


cherry tomato growingOne of the most rewarding and healthy edible plants to grow in the garden is a cherry tomato plant.  Every garden should have a cherry tomato plant, at least one

I like to have them in or near a place that I spend time in the garden, so that I can snack on them regularly.  Also, I like to place them where I walk regularly, perhaps on a path or by a door, for regular snacks, or taking a supply inside or on the road.  Of course, this can be done in an organic garden, only.

Just the act of gardening, alone, is good for our health and state of mind.  Anything that slows us down, forces patience, sets us back into the slow cycles of nature, is excellent for our BALANCE and health, and working the earth for our own food adds to that value.  Tomatoes, especially, are great for our health, which is why they are on every Top 10 Superfoods list that I’ve seen.  Cherry tomatoes are even better than regular sized tomatoes.  Tomato skin is rich in lycopene, a phytonutrient that stops the buildup of inflammatory compounds, which are linked to depression and many other problems.  Cherry tomatoes have more skin, meaning more lycopene, so are even better for our state of mind.  This makes cherry tomatoes a GOOD MOOD FOOD.
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“Mini” Solos – A More Affordable Option to BUILD YOUR LIST FAST

money flowerA More Affordable Option to Build Your List Fast:  I was asked by a fellow Contact List Builder member to write a blog post about suggestions for purchasing Solo ads at Safe-Swaps, for the purpose of list building.  This is absolutely the fastest way to build your list.  Buying a solo from a seller means that the seller will send out your email or “swipe’  to their personal email list.  Many of these lists are quite responsive to internet marketing offers, and a good number of the people receiving these emails will opt in to your list. Continue reading

Online Marketing 101- Build Your List

money plant  I’m sure others will be able to relate to parts of my personal online marketing story. I have been fortunate to have been able to return to school several times in several different fields. My most recent round of education has been in internet marketing. Although not a formal education, I have spent a good bit of money for programs that did not work for me. They didn’t work because I couldn’t figure out what people were doing in the “demonstrations”, or something was left out, or because it was “assumed” that everybody knows how to do a particular, usually crucial, step, or because it was just incomplete or misleading. Nothing was thorough enough for me, so, I never got very far, but “That was the cost of my education.” Continue reading