Planning for the 2014 Garden Season from The Discerning Gardener

ladybug-lady-bug-leaf-10415411Planning for the 2014 Gardening Season by Ruth T Hill, The Discerning Gardener


Gardening has long played an important role in BALANCE in my life.  I am talking about conscious, insightful gardening, gardening in harmony with nature, gardening for healthy food, organic gardening for the environment, as well as one’s personal environment, or outdoor living space.  As well as my own spaces, I also created many of these garden spaces for others (clients who often became friends and sometimes worked on their gardens with me).  Plus the time spent in the garden has always been meditative time, for me. Continue reading

Lessons From the Garden

ladybug-lady-bug-leaf-10415411by Ruth T Hill,          gardens-bto-nunnery-garden-mike-toms-300x200

The Discerning Gardener


There are many lessons to be learned in a garden, one’s personal sanctuary in nature.  Time spent in our gardens helps us get back to basics: feeling a connection with the earth, the cycles, and the healing powers of nature.  This time spent in observation and contemplation may teach us to appreciate the moment, perhaps by allowing us to capture the perfect moment of a blossom, that was only a bud yesterday and will be gone tomorrow.  Or, we may contemplate the transformations that we each have and will undergo, as we watch the flitting about of a butterfly, the symbol of metamorphosis and the transitory nature of happiness and everything. Continue reading

Life Goes On: The “state” of Colorado

     by Ruth T Hill  10-8-2013

     There was a very different plan for the first post on my new blog about my journey of exploration & learning in natural health & balance.  I expected that it would be one of the other drafts that I had started about: stress in our world today, or the food supply crisis, natural growing of our own food, food as medicine, natural options for life and beauty, or any one of many possibilities.  But, circumstances changed that.

Continue reading