shan2Natural Health Care for Pets:

To your pet’s natural health:
Our pets/companions/friends deserve the same natural, non-toxic health care that we do.  Here are some of the best resources, learning, & products for you & yours:


ANXIETY RELIEF for Your Cat:  I’m about to try out these products on my one “difficult” cat, one out of the three.  This idea was recommended to me, for a long trip.  According to reviews, some people prefer the first shirt/vest/coat, and some the second.  Cats, of course, require some adjustments, including such things as feigning “tremendous weight”, before settling down in comfort.  We will try both, to determine which will best help to ease her anxiety and our pending move:

cat ThundershirtThundershirt Heather Grey Cat

  • Available in S, M, & L
  • Completely natural
  • Appropriate for all ages and breeds
  • For Pet Type(s): Cats
  • Helps for anxiety, during thunder storms, or trips,
    and for new cat introduction hostility:  Thundershirt
    “takes the edge off” (see the first customer review)

cat anxiety beltCalm Cat Anti Anxiety and Stress Relief Coat for Cats

by BH Pet Gear LLC

  • The kindest way to ease your cat’s fears
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Machine washable
  • Durable fabric with velcro closure
  • For Cats 12″ to 17″ – Medium
    Small and Large also available.

lion catDogloveit Pet Costume Lion Mane Wig for Dog or Cat

Halloween Dress up with Ears (Please be aware of fake products…

by Dogloveit
Very easy to wear and comfortable for your kitty.

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Greenies salmon pocketGreenies pill pocketsPILL POCKETS:  a great idea if you have trouble getting your sick pets to take their pills – a treat with a pill inside

  for cats

pill p for dogs1 pill p2 pill p3 pill p4 and dogs

(There are even peanut butter pockets, & hypo-allergenic ones.)

More healthy treats:

Greenies Smartbites          Greenies hairball          Greenies group         Greenies digestive

dog friendSome help with compatibility in our gardens:

Dog Friendly Gardens

dog in flowersdog yard

GIFTS for our Pets/Companions/Friends:

microwave pad     potlitterpet warmer1

SnuggleSafe Microwave HeatPad:  simply heat up in your microwave, fits under your pet’s bed & provides up to 10 hours of safe & soothing warmth.

Potted plant litter box

Pet bed for any indoor pet bed; 13-watt thermostat heats to 102 degrees F when pet is present, 12-15 degrees above room temperature when not.

BubbasBUBBAS , Pet Carpet Cleaner/Odor Terminator:  The Pet Odor Eliminator And Enzyme Cleaner That Erases Odors And Stains From Dogs And Cats Other Cleaners Can’t. A Proven Enzymatic Cat – Dog Stain Remover Powerful Enough To Remove Old Set In Urine Smell Plus Stains- The Most Effective Cleaning Solution Deodorizer – Neutralizer Spray Available. Try Our Clean Carpets Guarantee.




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