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                              General Gifts

                              Gifts for Cats, Dogs & their owners

                              Gifts for Gardeners & nature lovers

Raised Bed Gardening made easy: – Tool-free assembly

                   – Constructed from 100% western red cedar

                   – Slides together in minutes

                   – 24″x48″x30″;   34″x48″x32″;   18″x34″x19″

gronomicsgronomis2gronomics3      garden light       3 copper torches


Tea collections or sample sets are great gifts, especially when they are organic:

Numi         tea gift         Numi set2         loose tea samp


More ideas: 

Sunbeam XpressHeat Extra large heating pad warms up quickly, has 6 heat settings, including moist heat, adjustable auto-off feature, perfect for relief on many muscle groups.12×24″

Homedics Sound Spa Relaxation Machine with 6 Sounds of Nature, for those who have trouble sleeping, with a timer or continuous sound

Aylio Coccyx Seat Cushion for Comfort & Lower back Pain Relief – reduces pressure on the tailbone, & hip bones, comfort for chair, car seat, plane, or wheelchair – The cushion is not thick and square like other cushions. Instead it is tapered and shaped for where your legs rest. The result is that you do not feel like it is even there.  

heat pad                                  soundscushion



rueth-1348392825_600  GIFTS for CATS & DOGS & Their Owners:  As a person who lives with 3 cats, I’ve found solutions to some of the problems that many of us share.  For example, these pill pockets really work, allowing me to give necessary medication to a resistant sick kitty…All of us need a small blacklight at times…My others are indoor cats, but one of them absolutely insists on going outside at times.  I, at least, feel better knowing she has a safe, warm place to go, until she’s ready to come back in…We all have to transport and occasionally take our pet with us on a trip, here are some items to make that easier, as well as more pleasant, for our pets.  For example, I’ve found that my cats, even the difficult one, prefer a soft-sided carrier, to a box.


Give the “gift of shelter” this winter:  Outdoor heated or insulated cat houses:

cat box outdoorcat house2    cat house 3


Give your cat the “gift of warmth” this winter:  Either a “leopard skin” hooded (removable) bed that only uses 4 watts; a pad that’s thermostatically controlled to your pet’s temperature, when he or she is outside; a thermal mat that operates when pressure/weight is applied; or a warmer that fits in any pet bed and heats to 102 degrees when a pet is present, and 12-15 degrees above room temperature, when not:

pet warmer4 pet warmer3 pet warmer2cat bed     pet warmer1microwave pad


Gifts for them & you:



potlitter         black light

Potted plant hides the litter box.

Not just a blacklight, also a brilliant LED Flashlight,  find urine not visible to the eye, check for false money, cure nail gel, find hidden repair work in inspections, detect oil & gas leaks.

Scratchboard lounger: cat lounge






To your pet’s natural health:

natural cures         dog health2       Holistic doganimal healing         pet feeding         whole pet

Greenies pill pockets     Greenies salmon pocket  Greenies hairball      Greenies digestive     Greenies Smartbites          Greenies group



































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